Journey to A Better Me

Have you ever just sat down and looked at your current health conditions?

It was February 10th of 2016 to be exact, I looked in the mirror and I was very unhappy with my appearance. So, like every other person, who sought out to be fit and healthy I did something about it.

I manage to get my clinic to join me in a Fitness Journey. This journey included a contract and registration fee. I guess one could say it was another form of the biggest loser. Every Monday we had to weigh-in before 10 am, of course other protocols had to be put in place just in case someone could not be at work that day. The contest was a 16-week contest that turned into a 24-week contest.  Each weigh-in if the contestant did not meet their goal set for weight loss that week. The member had to pay 10 dollars towards the contest prize money. Once the contest was over the winner got the prize money. However, the contest was not based off pounds lost. It was based off the percentage of body fat loss which is the fairest way to run a weight loss contest.

Crazy fact, Americans Consume 50 billion burgers a year, yikes! Sad to say I was one of those people. If I was not feeling the urge to cook, I almost guarantee I did not cook! All of that changed after a while.

The reason I had to commit to doing better, is when I started to have chest pains, you know the ones that feel like something is knotted in your chest. The one you get when you take that bite of that good delicious burger that you have been craving since that grease filled breakfast sandwich you had that morning.

Another reason I knew it was time to make a change was when I could hardly run or walk without being short of breath, even a flight of stairs had me gasping for breath. So, Immediately I had to change that up and fast. That is when I came up with the idea to start a contest to help me and my colleagues that wanted to lose weight, lose weight and look good the money was just a bonus.

This journey I have been on has been very tempting, I have had days when I felt it was time for me to turn back into my old ways and just run(Drive) to McDonalds for a quick lunch, or to Wendy’s thinking the salad was good for me. Oh, how I was wrong. I even thought that cutting out food groups would help me to lose the weight, and to achieve the body I wanted. Oh, I learned my lesson on that as well, I even went to think I should cut out all my sweets I learned not to do that. Once I cut out all that and thought I was doing something, I noticed I started to binge eat my cravings and I would go crazy.

I did some research obviously before I started this contest, one thing that I discovered that I can say is keeping me motivated would be the fact that I signed a contract. Had I not signed that contract I’m not sure if I would have kept going. Like I said time and time again to the contestants the money is just a bonus, money is something that comes and goes. My main goal was my health your health is something you must fix in the begging or it might just be too late. Majority of my family have diabetes, too much weight in my mid-section had me concerned. That is another reason why I was like yeah you need to get out this bed and make some life changes.

I have come to learn that taking charge of my health is very important, I plan to be around for my family in the long run. For me to do that is if I take better care of myself, along with eating right I included exercise into my Fitness Journey. I had set multiple goals that I wanted to accomplish, I did just that and currently I am working on training myself for a 5K run and eventually a 10K run. You must crawl before you can walk, and believe me I have done a lot of crawling after workouts.

Building up my endurance and my willpower has been great. I told myself after this contest is over, I will write me a personal contract to keep in my bathroom on the mirror. This will be my daily reminder to keep pushing and keep going, I will not stop even after I have meet my goal weight. I am determined and motivated to live a healthy fit lifestyle for me and for my family.

Also, stay in the know for more on the different gadgets I feel work best and what plans I have used to help me reach my goals Like comment and follow. As always everyone is AMAZING!

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