Men, Mani & Pedi or Nah?

Let’s be honest. Majority of men will tell you they are not able to keep there hands and feet up to par because of the work they do. However, I think that can be changed and is very untrue. It’s 2016 and guys are still asking this very ridiculous question.”Is it gay if I go to get a manicure or a pedicure?” 

For starters, it is not gay for one to have a full understanding of hygiene. If you feel you need to keep your nails clean or you want to have nice looking feet. I say go for it, you will be surprised of how many women will truly love that you take your personal hygiene to the next level. So, let’s clear this up and change your process of thinking. It’s okay to take care of your body in general. Let go of that fear of what others may think of you build up your self-esteem and do you!

No matter what job you work in. I believe we as men could all benefit from a manicure and pedicure. The ladies can tell you it’s like a stress sponge. So, picture this. You had a long 2 weeks at work it’s time for some R&R you been on your feet, it seems like your methods to handle stress are not working. You walk into the nail parlor, get your feet scrubbed nails clipped etc. Once you leave after going through the process you don’t feel any stress (opinion).

Routine manicures and pedicures do not make you any less of a man. In fact, you might gain some points with your lady. Even better if you went with her from time to time could help you score big! Our hands and feet should be properly cared for. We take care of our teeth and clothes etc. Yet, we still forget about the hands and feet which help us 99.9% of the time!

Personal hygiene is very important. Hygiene is not limited to the hot spots we were taught to be sure to clean growing up. I’m not just talking to just one group of people. Everyone should learn to care for their body. Plus, who wants to go around hands and feet just Rough!

So, don’t worry what those around you say! It’s 2016, you need to be yourself. If it makes you feel better. I know a few straight guys who have routine manicures and pedicures. They don’t care if people say it’s gay. They want to look good but also feel good, don’t you?

Sound off with your response gentleman. Also, let me know if you have regular manicure and pedicures or let me know if you consider it after reading this. Ladies you too, should a man get a routine manicure and pedicure? Why or why not?

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