Where do you stand?

So many times, we find ourselves putting the needs of others over our needs. We often put our plans on hold to help others with their plans. Have you stopped to evaluate where you stand amongst your family, friends and even your spouse? Well its common in the most of us so don’t feel as if you are the only one.


Everyone goes through a stage in life where they are seeking acceptance amongst others around them, there is nothing wrong with that. However, have you stopped to find acceptance within yourself? We as humans must be sure that we don’t get so caught up in the crossfire of obtaining our goals and dreams and the goals and dreams of our peers. So, where do you stand?


Your goals are just as important as the next person. You shouldn’t feel obligated to put your goals on hold until the next person has completed their goals. You need to understand that your goals and dreams are important. If those around you can’t truly understand that you are trying to better themselves while you help better them. You then need to evaluate where you stand.


Now, if you are that person who requires and demands that your friend or spouse should attend to your every need. Then maybe you should go back to the drawing board and realize that you are being selfish and taking advantage and stopping him or her from accomplishing the goals they have set. If you can fully accept that, then that person whom you have been using needs to cut off all communication with you, because you do not deserve the effort they put into your life over their own.


I bring this topic to the table because I found myself upset, knowing my spouse was considering moving to another location to obtain his goals that he had set in his career. I soon realized that I have been extremely selfish. He has supported me since the beginning of my education journey. I would go with however; I am set in my current job with a very reasonable schedule.


So, I write this because sometimes we are the person who is taking advantage of the other person. We don’t know it until we must sit alone for a while upset not thinking about what the other person has endured for and with us. I didn’t create this post to be a public apology to my spouse that has been taken care of. I made this post to hopefully stop you from making the same mistake I did. I mean, let’s face it we all hate being wrong and sometimes it takes one’s self to realize he or she is wrong. As always everyone is AMAZING!

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