Laying the Foundation – TRUST

Knowing that you have solid ground beneath your relationship is a feeling that is so worth it. Do you feel secure in your foundation?

When I think of building a relationship, in the form of a house. I focus on SIX key points: Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity and GOALS! Of course, a few smaller things are at focus however, these six are the most important. I believe without these major key points your relationship will not hold for very long. Previously, we talked about breaking ground, and how you get the feel of someone. This allowed us to make too sure it’s something you are willing to work for. Now, a foundation is very important for a successful and happy relationship so, let’s dive into the foundation

When you enter a relationship, you are unclear exactly how on earth you will trust someone. This is very understandable, trust is something that must be earned. Being able to trust your partner or spouse takes time to develop. The lack of trust is a relationship killer, once you lose it or never obtained it to begin with, everything goes downhill. Do you truly trust your partner or spouse?

Also, if you’re getting into a relationship, and you just got out of one. You need to ask yourself. “Am I going to allow my past to hinder my possible future of happiness?” Majority of people in the world find it hard to trust again. Someone from their past has disabled the component in the mind which shows them that everyone is not the same. Automatically the fear of being hurt again has been ignited. Once that fear has been ignited it’s hard to put it out. Allowing the past to come and disrupt the future is not a good thing, as bad as it may have been you cannot allow it to come in and take control. If you constantly allow your past to intrude in your possible future. Then, the result is possible loneliness.

 Next, you need to ask yourself.  “Do I trust MYSELF to be in a relationship, am I going to put the past behind me and focus on the future?” Everyone is not the same as your past; you must realize that there is someone who’s is meant to make your life completely happy, and to deliver you from your horrible past. Yes, the past will always be there. Yes, the past will haunt you. However, you don’t have to fall victim of it. You need to determine, if you are going to allow it to come in between you and your happiness. Often, we may find it easy to trust the other person. However, we really don’t trust ourselves.

I believe that obtaining that trust within yourself is hard to obtain. We should be sure we are ready, cannot go off an assumption. This is when we start to focus on loving ourselves and making sure we are happy. Being unhappy and looking for happiness is not a good mix. There is no telling what the concoction may turn out to be.

Looking forward to bringing you more relationship building tips and tools. As always everyone is AMAZING!

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional relationship therapist or psychologist. However, I have experienced a lot in life, and I do feel my views will help someone in some way as they have helped me. Please be advised these views are from my own opinion and life experiences. *

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