Establishing Structure – Integrity

Structure is important in a relationship, because you must have some sort of morals or principles; I guess you could say a sort of code to your relationship. This structure is what builds and shapes the relationship, this is called integrity.

When I think of building a relationship, in the form of a house. I focus on SIX key points: Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity and GOALS! Of course, a few smaller things are at focus however, these six are the most important. I believe without these major key points your relationship will not hold for very long. Previously, we talked about trust, and how it’s important to have that foundation. Now, we are developing the structure which will help shape and mold the relationship.

Most relationships, might have a foundation. However, it lacks structure it lacks that integrity that is needed to help the relationship be prosperous and to move forward. When we talk about integrity within the relationship. We are speaking about what morals or code, that we are going to abide by while in this relationship. Your relationship should stand for something.

Integrity in a relationship for example would be to stick to your word. Relationships suffer because the lack of commitment. As humans, we commit to ourselves and others. Then, we often find ourselves breaking the commitment. Following this, you will begin to avoid taking the responsibility of not following through.

The moment you begin to find excuses for your lack of integrity. Your structure will soon collapse, once it collapses you will see the cracks in your foundation; which defeats the purpose of trust in a relationship. A commitment is not just talk, you must act on it. Within a relationship integrity is simply following through with your word.

Sticking to your commitments, is what helps develop that structure that you need to thrive forward. Yes, at times we may falter. However, how many times are we going to let false hope or lack of commitment keep us up at night. When you see, you are not fulfilling your word; do not run from it. Own up to it, because it will show you recognize your error and you will do better to improve so, your relationship can improve.

I challenge you to step back, think about the commitments you have fallen short on. Determine how you can change that around. To build a better relationship.

Looking forward to bringing you more relationship building tips and tools. As always everyone is AMAZING!

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional relationship therapist or psychologist. However, I have experienced a lot in life, and I do feel my views will help someone in some way as they have helped me. Please be advised these views are from my own opinion and life experiences. *

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