Establishing Structure – Respect

Structure is important in a relationship, because you must have some sort of morals or principles; I guess you could say a sort of code to your relationship. This structure is what builds and shapes the relationship, this is called integrity.

When I think of building a relationship, in the form of a house. I focus on SIX key points: Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity and GOALS! Of course, a few smaller things are at focus however, these six are the most important. I believe without these major key points your relationship will not hold for very long. Previously, we talked about integrity, and how it’s important to establish some sort of morals for your relationship. Now, we are elaborating on structure; respect is a part of the structure that is needed to have successful relationship.

Everyone is aware of what respect is. However, are you aware of what respect is in a relationship? Relationships that have respect have trust, support and value for one another. Most importantly, they respect themselves not allowing a change in character to be with someone else. Respect in a relationship allows you to be independent, freedom to be who you are and to talk honestly and openly with one another.

Relationships today are not very successful; because there is always one individual who feels the need to control every aspect of the relationship. They decide who you can talk to, who you can hang out with or worse they don’t encourage you to be around your loved ones. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our relationship we forget the need to be surrounded by those who helped us stay grounded in life. This goes against respecting of boundaries and respecting the freedom and independence of the other party.

Respect, is not just based off actions; it also is based off the words we use within our relationship. Put-downs and negative remarks are confidence killers. These types of words do not feed into the relationship in a positive way. Sometimes we may think, “Oh I was just playing.” Yet, our partner may be very sensitive and might take it the wrong way. We must be cautious about what we say. However, if you are being disrespected you need to speak up. The moment you stay silent is the moment you begin to allow this type of behavior.

Does your current partner respect you for who you are? Do you respect yourself enough to know when you are being mistreated?

Looking forward to bringing you more relationship building tips and tools. As always everyone is AMAZING!

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional relationship therapist or psychologist. However, I have experienced a lot in life, and I do feel my views will help someone in some way as they have helped me. Please be advised these views are from my own opinion and life experiences. *

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