Depression EXIST

Depression spares none. Be open minded when talking to those who are going through an episode. Sometimes just listening is all that needs to be done. Listening call help the depressed individual talk themselves out of the episode. The thoughts are being released and not suppressed.

Life has not been very easy for me. In fact, I have a confession that I feel you the reader should know. I am in a constant battle, a battle that seems to have won at first but now I am regaining control. I suffer from anxiety and depression, I have let it take control of my life and my happiness for so long. I am finally deciding to fight back, regain my happiness and move forward with my life. I want to apologize for being absent; I made a commitment to keep my readers entertained and involved with my unabashed life. However, I feel as if I have failed you all.  I ask that you can find it in you to forgive me, and just pray for me and allow me to regain your respect and your trust in me to produce content as I move forward through this battle towy victory.

In recent months, I have had multiple extended episodes of depression; these episodes have caused me problems that have almost jeopardized my job and my success in school. I haven’t felt such depression and loneliness like this every in all my days of dealing with this tragic illness. I felt incomplete, as if it my purpose in life had no purpose. My days seemed to have become longer and longer and life began to move in slow motion. My peers began to advance in life, yet I remained in the same place. My relationship has not been easy, school was very stressful and it seemed everything was directed towards me and I was irked to highest point of wanting to explode.

Slowly, I have begun the process towards rediscovering myself. I have not found all the puzzle pieces, but I have started somewhere. I am walking a path to regain my confidence, to trust and believe in myself and to have faith in God. I had lost total control of my emotions and my thoughts. Habits have been developed, I find myself not liking it and trying to correct it. I have been very negative, that is not me. I am a very positive, outgoing and driven individual.

Please bear with me as I get back in the saddle and begin to blog again. I would like to be sure I shout a very supportive blogger who has checked on me and kept my spirits high from time to time. Judy, is an amazing woman and her site is JUST as great as her! She doesn’t know I am doing this. LOL, but please go and check out her site. Unabashed Uriah is back in action and can’t wait for you all to see what I have to bring to the table

As always everyone is AMAZING!


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  1. I am so proud of you for regaining what you lost at some point, and I’m so excited to see all the work that you will have in the future. I’m truly honored and humble by appreciating me, aww..making me teary eyes.. ❤️😍❤️

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