Establishing Structure – Loyalty 

Loyalty is the quality of be loyal to someone. Being loyal, is like one being faithful to one’s obligations or engagements. This, is why loyalty is important in a relationship, and why it’s tied into the structure of a relationship. Loyalty, is a strong feeling of support, allegiance.

When I think of building a relationship, in the form of a house. I focus on SIX key points: Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity and GOALS! Of course, a few smaller things are at focus however, these six are the most important. I believe without these major key points your relationship will not hold for very long. Previously, we talked about respect, and how respect for the other persons thoughts and feelings is very important.  Now, we are elaborating a little more on structure. Loyalty is a part of the structure that is needed to have successful relationship.

Loyalty is demonstrated in a relationship, it’s not necessarily something that is give or taken so to speak. I mean, like the saying you have to give respect to get it, well one could look at obtaining loyalty just the same way. However, loyalty is primarily a demonstration piece to the structure of a relationship. So, what are the ways one can demonstrate loyalty? Below you will find a breakdown of ways to demonstrating loyalty.

Demonstration of Loyalty

  • Be honest with your partner, avoid situations that could possibly compromise or taint the perception of you to your partner. Once this perception is compromised, trust all of a sudden start to dwindle, become less of, then you have a problem with trust issues.
  • Be supportive to your partner, be there in the good and bad. This shows them you are not abandoning them or leaving them alone. Now, you don’t have to necessarily be “all under” your partner. Just be there, or reach out when needed, stay aware and take action when it is needed.
  • Be respectful in front of your partner as well as in the absence of your partner. I spoke on respect before however, you will soon realize respect plays a major role in a relationship. Being able to show respect for you partner, by not allowing them to speak on them while they are absent. Not only does this show you that you really care about that person; but it shows that you respect your partner even more in absence because they are not there to speak for themselves. In person, you should never hold back, never keep secrets and never manipulate your partner. Manipulation is dangerous mentally, but I will discuss that topic on another day.
  • Be trustworthy with your partner, be your real self don’t begin to switch up. Being your honest self will show you are not only loyal to your partner, but you are also loyal to yourself.
  • Be sincere with your actions. Being subtle yet having powerful signs that show you care. Again, be there when you are needed. Let your comforting side embrace your partner. This shows that you are loyal and that you care about how they feel and are willing to embrace the good and the bad with them.

Loyalty is something majority of relationships fail to obtain. Being loyal to your partner not just the physical aspect of them but the mental as well. Shows you what type of person you are. You will see your growth, you will see how happier you can be. Remember, keep the outside world out of your relationship. Keep your problems between both you and your partner. In the end, this will make life so much easier and it will cut down many future problems.

Are you the ultimate loyal machine, or are you aware of the areas you need to work on?

Looking forward to bringing you more relationship building tips and tools. As always everyone is AMAZING!

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional relationship therapist or psychologist. However, I have experienced a lot in life, and I do feel my views will help someone in some way as they have helped me. Please be advised these views are from my own opinion and life experiences. *


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