Relationship Betrayal

Relationship Betrayal hurts, but what do you do to move forward?

Don’t ponder on what happened. Instead, become the YOU that you’ve always wanted to be. Lose weight, go shopping, get your nails done, play that game, get that job, ride a motorcycle etc. and most importantly. Find that person who does not want to be a repeat of your past.

Find that guy or girl who wants to see you smile from ear to ear. Find that guy or girl that gives you butterflies in your stomach. Find that guy or girl who keeps it all 100 no matter how bad the situation may be.

Yeah, you have been hurt, but over time it gets easier. Don’t lose yourself, thinking about what could have been. Focus on moving forward, I am a firm believer that those who have hurt you will eventually be at your feet asking for your forgiveness. When that time comes forgive them, throw away all negativity towards them and keep moving forward.

Do not allow your past to hinder your future. Your past should not be something that you regret. Instead, it should be something that you look at as a lesson learned. Never regret the things in the past that you can’t control. Things happen in our life for a reason, it is up to you to allow it to cause a negative impact or a positive impact on your life.

Helping others with their relationships is something I enjoy doing. So, send me and email ask me your questions I will be happy to help.

Also, if you have questions that you would like for me to answer in a post. Feel free to send those to me as well!

Looking forward to bringing you more relationship building tips and tools. As always everyone is AMAZING!

 *Disclaimer: I am not a professional relationship therapist or psychologist. However, I have experienced a lot in life, and I do feel my views will help someone in some way as they have helped me. Please be advised these views are from my own opinion and life experiences. *

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