My New Year Starts Now!

Happy Birthday!!

Wow, today I turn 25, a whole quarter of a century! Honestly, I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to see this day. Over the past 5 years, I have endured more than I thought I would at such a young age. The past has taught me so much, especially about myself. Although, I’ve had a few down falls, people come into my life, change up and leave. I will not allow these events to define me. This coming year, I am planning to do something different. I am introducing 25 vows to myself. These vows will consist of task and goals, BIG and small. I am in a new chapter of life. I refuse to have this be a repeat. Thank you all in advance for the many birthday wishes! I greatly appreciate them all! I look forward to bringing you along with me as I embark into the chapter of life!

What have my past 5 months consisted of?

This year hasn’t been the best but it hasn’t been the worst either. I experienced some changes in life and have a had a few people disappear. I was broken, but now I am healed. I still have my faults, but I am a work in progress. I obtained party side while I was away, and for that my grades did suffer a little. However, I ended up completing the spring semester and continued to be in good academic standing. I went through a break up and then went through a stage of wanting to know get to know someone, but that didn’t happen however, I did meet someone. To find out more about my new relationship check out the Article. Did I find Mr. Right?

During my 5 months away I began to seek out and find who URIAH is. I felt at one point in my life, I was unsure of who I was and what my purpose was; but that all changed once I began to discover the things that I found of interest to my self. I began to express myself in ways that people don’t like, but I mean who cares what the world has to say about how I live and express myself. Also, I learned that it is true, life is not fair and its not meant to be easy. So many people wonder why life is hard, yet they don’t stop to look at everything in life as a test. Once I began to look at life as a test, I began to realize that I was capable of overcoming these test. I just took a little more effort than what I was originally applying to my success and my happiness.

Over the course of the 5 months. I have come to realize life will attack you and be unfair, but it is up to you to make the decision to fight back. I say this because, I have had many issues come in and change my perspective on many things. For 3 months I felt like I was meant to be mistreated and talked about or walked over…(Things obviously occurred to make me feel this way). I began to seek attention in the wrong ways. No, I didn’t do recreational drugs however, I did began to drink more. About 2 months ago, I decided it was time to make a change and to start living my lie for myself. I stopped the partying and began to redirect my focus on school. A few people looked at me as if I had changed, but that didn’t phase me at all. With the new focus change, I was able to see clear and start to realize my worth and how much I am my main priority.

Now, things seem on the up and up. I am going to actually be happy. I am going to live more for myself, I am going to smile more and just be a positive individual. As much as it may seem hard, and others will tr to push my buttons. I will do my best to keep my character from destroyed by temptation. People always tell me, “Life is yours for the taking, it just up to you, do you really want the life you want or the life others want you to have.”

I Uriah Robertson Vow too…

Like I mentioned, these vows may seem little and some may seem unattainable, but the point of these vows are to give me something to look forward to doing. I want to have a happy less complicated year. Granted, I know the way life is setup somethings are bound to get in the way. However, with these vows I will be able to stay more on track and keep my mind focused on the positive things.

  • Put God First
  • Smile more… worry less
  • Stop allowing others to take advantage of your kindness… learn to say no
  • Stop trying to care for everyone’s needs… you are your priority.
  • Get back in shape.
  • Rebuild your financial foundation.
  • Pick your battles wisely.
  • Spend more time with family
  • Stay ahead of the game
  • Count my blessings… don’t compare your life to others… your time is coming.
  • Travel More… get out of your comfort zone… Visit New York for your 26th Birthday!
  • Graduate College… it’s been long over due, you got it together and now it’s your time
  • Take up Photography… a hobby you have always enjoyed and found relaxing.
  • Obtain your very OWN place… its time to build a home foundation
  • Live in the Moment
  • Improve your Blog… it’s time to continue what you started.
  • Volunteer more.
  • Start Bachelors Program
  • Pay off all loans (non-student)
  • Pay down credit cards
  • Start process of paying off your car sooner
  • Discover who you are… in the process… needs more work
  • Work on your book… pick up where you left off
  • Don’t let the negative words of others put you down
  • Live life unabashedly

I hope you all have gained something from this post, I even hope that you make vows to yourself. Obviously, I did 25 due to me turning 25, but you can start small and work you way up! As always everyone is AWESOME!! Also, if you have any questions that you would life to be answered and featured. Please, feel free to send me an email. I will gladly be of assistance and help as much as I can.

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