Happy New Years!!! (Late)

Wow, I thought this had posted on New Years Day, but I guess that was a fail. LOL!

It is New Years day, the day of many resolutions and many pictures and Snapchat memory recaps. As we venture into the new year. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to reflect on the many things I did accomplish in the past year. I wanted to think of all the good things that had happened to me. Within this moment, I knew from the beginning I wanted that moment to be positive.

As the clock struck midnight on 12/31/2017, I brought in the new year with my friends and my partner. Everyone was excited, dancing, taking pictures etc. I was happy, because during the countdown. I had one of those flashbacks, you know the ones that characters in movies get, its like all time stops and you zoom into the eyes and reminisce. Yeah those moments. During this moment of looking back, I realized that even though I had some down falls. in the end the good outweighed the bad! I am truly blessed to have gotten to see another year!

I want to leave you with some advice, especially since is the time everyone is planning to have a good year, making resolutions and life altering promises. This is the new year, within this year I dare you to refuse to have a repeat. What I am saying is, instead of contemplating over what went wrong in the past year month for month, day for day, hour for hour. How about we strive to change that. You cant expect to have a new year if you are constantly dwelling on all the things of the past.

Remember, I made a post a few days back on my birthday. I mentioned 25 vows to myself? Well, how did I come up with these vows? I started by having a quick moment to list some of the things I did not like or things that happened to me.  I put all of those things on the left side of a paper and drew  a line down the middle. On the right side of the paper, I wrote down my approach to change and to prevent it from happening again. Once I was done, I cut the paper and burned the bad and kept the good. With the good I formed my 25 vows, the burning of the bad to me symbolized me accepting what happened so, I was able to move on to focus on what was good.

Now, you can go about do things a little differently from me. However, I encourage you to keep your head up. I seen a post, that one of my good friends posted on Instagram. I said “2016 was the year of losses, 2017 was the year of lessons, and 2018 is the year of blessings.” I wholeheartedly believe this is accurate. We have all been troubled by something over the course of a few years we have been suffering with. We often broke down trying to figure when it will be gone. Well, I believe 2018 will be that year, especially if you push to be positive and to look at this year as a year of blessings.

As I close, I want you to dare to live this year unabashedly! Live this year without shame or fear, live this year for you because you deserve it. We can only go up from here. I cant wait to bring you all with me on my journey of 2018!

Once again, Happy New Year!

Uriah Robertson

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