Dear Reader,

I have not published an article for about 6 months. My apologies, normally I would make a post asking for the forgiveness of my readers, but I am not going to do that this time. Instead, I am going to just dive right in. Special thanks to those who have stuck with me and whom have understood the many obstacles I have overcome in the past few months.

 Coffee & Chats!

 For the duration of the summer, I am going to commit every Saturday to a new post. Now, these post will not fall under a particular category however, they will just be random thoughts or feelings. I guess one would say a diary or journal so to speak.

Lets Dive In!

Solitude is something I have been experiencing for awhile now. In life we don’t really learn who we are until things go wrong or we hit rock bottom. Before that could happen I learned that if I dedicated 2 hours of me time a day. I would be a little better off, during this time I would escape from the social world, and I would discover things that spiked my interest. During the course of practicing being alone, I found out that I love photography, and I love traveling.

During this time, I began to spend more time with myself, and I realized its not bad being alone at times. Sometimes, we need to be alone because it allows our minds to be free, and we can express who we truly are. Solitude is not a bad thing, people think its bad if you are alone, but I beg to differ. When a person seeks him or herself, they begin to truly find THEM, and finding who you truly are; not who others think you should be. Then, you become happy and you learn to appreciate yourself.

Never think that solitude is a bad thing. Solitude can actually be a good thing. Never be afraid to find the true you. Sometimes, this requires us to be alone and the atmosphere to be clear of all distractions. The moment you learn to be alone and to love yourself then the rest will fall into place. I am still working and learning this for myself. Sometimes advice is easy to give but its hard to receive it.

Sound off in the comments below, let me know how you feel about solitude, and be sure to like share and subscribe! I can wait to see what you all think about todays Coffee and Chat!

As always, everyone is amazing!! 🙂

Unabashed Uriah

Photo Credit: mlara254

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