About Me

Welcome to Unabashed Uriah, I wanted to give you a little information about me, and my goals I plan to achieve as we go on this journey together.

Who is Uriah

I’m funny, outgoing, responsible and a driven individual who seeks to improve every aspect of my life. Many people don’t truly understand how much life has to offer until it’s too late. A few years back I was not very social or I felt it was always me against the world. I have had my fair share of experiences growing up. However, I did not let those experiences hold me down. 

Since then I have made it a goal to become better than my past. I began to look at what I would consider regrets in the past as life lessons for the future. Currently, I work full time, also a full-time student. I decided that I wanted “The American Dream.” So, by any means necessary I will do just that. 

I decided to get my life together and go to college to better myself and so I will soon be graduating with an associate and then shortly after with a bachelor’s degree. I work for my community clinic here in my home town. I work in the dental department and I work in a pediatrics office (same clinic) from time to time to help when needed. I am also a part of our Employee Activities Committee (not an easy job). So yes, at a community clinic with more than 3 sites I am considered jack of all trades (literally) I have my hands in everyone’s cookie jar.

My Goals

Unabashed Uriah is a Lifestyle Blog. I like to look at it as if it’s different from other Lifestyle Bloggers. I decided that my blog would be a vision of me, and in doing so I want to inspire and encourage and invite my viewers to grow with me. Life is worth living and together we will do just that.

This blog is basically me allowing the viewer to see my perspective on life. I never wanted to go through life wishing I could have done this or done that. Unabashed Uriah is my outlet; I do it for the people to show a better part in life. I want people to realize that there is more to life. You don’t have to settle for less and wish you could have done it differently. So, Unabashed Uriah is me doing it and me taking every opportunity that I have, to better my life in a positive way.

I hope that you as the viewer will obtain the following:

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Inspiration
  • Open Mind
  • Encouragement
  • Laughter
  • A sense of belonging

Most Importantly I want you to have fun and be UNABASHED! Everyone is AMAZING!


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