This week has been a week I would have preferred to have never happened! I will resume with my health and fitness Journey Updates on Next week!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Though the outcome may not be exactly what you had wished for. Be still and realize that you are further along then, then you where before you started. Never make yourself feel discouraged because things did not go as planned. Keep pushing, the rest will eventually fall into place. Sometimes we must slow down a... Continue Reading →

Epic Fail to Amazing Progression

If you stick to something and commit to it, then the results in the end will be outstanding. Goals can’t be achieved without sacrifice; sacrifice is exactly what I did! Have you sacrificed a lot to achieve your weight goals? Week Recap  So, during the week of recovery from the epic fail on last week.... Continue Reading →

Week 1 Update (EPIC FAIL) 

What kind of lifestyle blogger would I be if I didn't report my failures? However, since we are living life unabashedly; we shouldn't live our life ashamed of our negative impacts in life. WEEK RECAP So, the week has come to an end and I'm not pleased with the results. However, I will be telling... Continue Reading →

Week 1 Day 1 Fitness Journey

For the new year, I decided to continue my healthy lifestyle, but just become better than I am currently. I will be taking this week very easy, sadly I will not be able to go to the gym because the way this plan has been set up. So, to have success the first week I... Continue Reading →

Where do you stand?

So many times, we find ourselves putting the needs of others over our needs. We often put our plans on hold to help others with their plans. Have you stopped to evaluate where you stand amongst your family, friends and even your spouse? Well its common in the most of us so don’t feel as... Continue Reading →

Men, Mani & Pedi or Nah?

Let's be honest. Majority of men will tell you they are not able to keep there hands and feet up to par because of the work they do. However, I think that can be changed and is very untrue. It's 2016 and guys are still asking this very ridiculous question."Is it gay if I go... Continue Reading →

Who’s your GRAMMY!?

The 59th Annual Grammy Nominees have been announced! We are in for a treat! Let’s just say we have a lot of talented artist in the world, some who I am still trying to discover myself. However, Beyoncé and Adele have found themselves on top while dominating the categories for the 2017 Grammys Award Ceremony.... Continue Reading →

Do you know your Self-worth?

What is your self-worth? Do you value yourself more than others value you?  Growing up I never understood what "self-worth" was, I never cared about it. I always heard that you should value yourself and put your needs above the needs of others. So, you might be wondering, what is self-worth, and how do I... Continue Reading →

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